New bits and pieces

June 10, 2013 in News

During the time since the launch of service, few new features were enabled and some enhancements added:

  • numeric aliases are displayed in user profile
  • a user can be called by its username or numeric alias
  • SIP address is written in green if there is a SIP phone registered for that account
  • embedded webrtc phone got some tunnings
  • presence server was enabled for presence agent model (SIMPLE extensions)
  • xcap server was enabled
  • details about presence server, xcap server and msrp relay were published on user’s SIP admin page
  • option to get web message notification on missed calls (can be enabled/disabled from SIP admin page)

Among next planned features:

  • option to get the SIP MESSAGE content on the web portal if it was not delivered via SIP
  • option to toggle between SIP SIMPLE Presence and End-to-End Presence models
  • click-to-dial from friends list


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