Updates On What Is Running

After a few years of operations, the software running on openrcs.com has been updated along the time.

At this moment runs there:

  • Kamailio v5.1.0-dev
  • RTPEngine
  • Latest WordPress with BuddyPress

WebRTC to classic SIP calls should work, for both audio and video sessions. Any of UDP, TCP and TLS transports can be used. Presence service and XCAP server are still enabled, as well as the MSRP relay module.

Hopefully openrcs.com still proves useful to testing or day by day RTC needs!

New bits and pieces

During the time since the launch of openrcs.com service, few new features were enabled and some enhancements added:

  • numeric aliases are displayed in user profile
  • a user can be called by its username or numeric alias
  • SIP address is written in green if there is a SIP phone registered for that account
  • embedded webrtc phone got some tunnings
  • presence server was enabled for presence agent model (SIMPLE extensions)
  • xcap server was enabled
  • details about presence server, xcap server and msrp relay were published on user’s SIP admin page
  • option to get web message notification on missed calls (can be enabled/disabled from SIP admin page)

Among next planned features:

  • option to get the SIP MESSAGE content on the web portal if it was not delivered via SIP
  • option to toggle between SIP SIMPLE Presence and End-to-End Presence models
  • click-to-dial from friends list

Enjoy openrcs.com!

Openrcs Beta Launch

On May 16, 2013, openrcs.com opens its service in beta version!

The primary goal is to offer a free SIP service for Kamailio project community and world wide users. The integration between the web portal and the SIP server still has a long way to go, but the SIP service is ready to go for voice and video calls as well as for instant messaging. XCAP server and MSRP relay are enabled, too. Those willing to play with SIP over Websockets and WebRTC can use the SIP server from openrcs.com.

For support, users of the service can post questions on the internal forum hosted by public group openrcs.

Do note that the service is in beta stage, meaning there are many things still to tune. Also this is a free service provided on a best effort basis.

Go to Welcome page and create yourself an account (it is recommended to use https for security and privacy reasons). The SIP username is the same as web login, but the SIP password is different, generated from your profile page, in the menu: SIP Admin => Account.

We hope this service is going to be useful for many people out there!

Meeting in San Francisco, June 2013

Daniel-Constantin Mierla, co-founder of Kamailio SIP server project (used to run the SIP service at openrcs.com) will be in San Francisco, CA, USA, during the last two weeks of June 2013.

He will be teaching Kamailio Advanced Training (June 24-17, 2013) in San Francisco and will be available for meetings to discuss about Kamailio and latest trends in real time communications.

If you want to meet, click here to send a message to asipto.com and leave your contact details.

Welcome to openrcs.com service!

Welcome to openrcs.com – an open real time communications service using SIP!

Check the list of active features and what is on the roadmap at:

Terms and conditions are available at: