Welcome to OpenRCS – Open and Real time Communications using SIP powered by Kamailio!

This service is provided as best effort free SIP service aiming to facilitate basic needs for testing. No guarantee, no emergency services.

The service is provided by several developers of Kamailio SIP server and the main goals are:

  • offer a free SIP address for persons that want to communicate via SIP (including use of TLS for secure communications)
  • run the latest bleeding edge version of Kamailio SIP Server – get immediate access to latest developed features
  • enable world wide developers to get access to a SIP server and play with features related to rich communication services
  • provide more than just simple voice and video, such as:
    • instant messaging
    • presence
    • xcap server
    • websocket for webrtc based communications
  • allow its users to define the routing logic for their communications

See the list of enabled features and enhancements road map for more details. Hosting and bandwidth sponsored by asipto.com By signing up for this service, the user agrees with terms and conditions.

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